Web Fonts, boy,
I don't know

Monica Dinculescu talks about the importance of loading your web fonts responsibly.

Controlling Font Performance
with font-display

Decide how you want your web font to behave when rendering using font-display.

Lightning Fast Font Loading Techniques

This article by David Walsh takes a look at a few font loading techniques that can speed up your page load times.

Loading webfonts with
high performance

A simple guide on what to do, to offer the optimal user experience and deliver web fonts at the same time.

Font Loading Revisited
with Font Events

The Filament Group team explain how they load web fonts in a more responsible manner and optimize for performance.

How we use web fonts responsibly

Another great article by the Filament Group team explain how they approach performance and web fonts.

Better @font-face with
Font Load Events

This article by the Opera dev team, dives into the CSS Font Loading Module.

Better webfont loading
using localStorage

This article takes a look at an optimized web font loading script and provides a solution for WOFF2 support for the newest browsers.

Fixing the
'Blank Text' Problem

Ilya Grigorik discusses the different font rendering times in Chrome and Android.

Using Web Fonts
the best way
in 2015

A few interesting techniques for better web font performance.

Web Font
Loading Patterns

Web font load­ing may seem com­pli­cated, but it is ac­tu­ally quite sim­ple if you use these font load­ing pat­terns.