Don't just build teams. Build great teams.
Building Great Startup Teams - A new book by Dean Hume.
If you only read one book about hiring and growing teams, make it this one.

Based on solid experience, and packed with useful insights, this book is a practical guide for anyone looking to recruit, grow and manage the best people for their business. Providing you with real-world techniques, it will show you how to:

  • Get the most out of each stage of the recruitment process
  • Compete with larger, established businesses for the best talent
  • Build an effective interview process
  • Create a stellar onboarding process for new hires
  • Ensure that your teams are able to grow and scale for the future
  • Build happy teams and even better products
  • Create a company that people want to work for

With the right processes and techniques in place, you’ll be on your way to building great startup teams!

How the Book is Organised


What's the big deal?


Inbound Recruiting
Planning for Hiring
Working with Recruiters
The Interview Process


What happens next?
Improving the Process


Happy Teams
Managing Talent for the Future

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About the Author
Dean Hume - Author
Dean Alan Hume is an author, blogger, and Google Developer Expert. He has written numerous articles and given dozens of presentations, as well as authored Fast ASP.NET Websites and contributed to A Career On The Web: On the Road to Success. A software developer at heart, Dean is passionate about web performance and regularly writes articles based on all things software development on his blog,

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